Damping ring — customer solution from Hagemann Systems

From the initial idea to the series component: As a producer and developer, we can do much more than just standard. And how simple a solution can sometimes be can be seen in the following application example.

Customer challenge: The first picture shows a traction battery that is subjected to strong vibrations by the application. The cable outlet is at a 90° angle downwards, i.e. the terminal is loaded with a tilting moment (M) due to the forces (F) that occur. In combination with the vibration, this leads to damage to the terminal (Fig. 2).


Our solution: An individually developed damping ring (Fig. 3) that absorbs the vibration. In addition, the battery terminal is shortened, thus reducing the length of the load arm (Fig. 4). This prevents damage to the pole socket. It is also recommended to use pressed battery terminal, which are more suitable for applications with vibrations.

Your added value is therefore:

✔ Quick and easy installation of the damping ring
✔ Battery terminal individually shortened for the application (perfect fit)
✔ More cost-effective in the long term, as premature damage is avoided
✔ Increased safety for all involved


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