The contact – the Achilles heel of battery technology

Battery acid-covered poles, leakage current, short circuits, contact corrosion – there is a wide range of troubles caused by insufficient insulated contacts. The following are just some selected examples. Everybody knows these issues. We have got the solutions!

Collapse ofautonomous systems

Any interruption of operation due to unscheduled maintenance causes immense costs. Contacts are an essential part of such systems. If these do not reliably conduct, the whole system will collapse.

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Lack ofoccupational safety

Arcing at corroded battery contacts can cause explosion. Another repeating problem are injuries during maintenance or installation work due to touching live contacts.

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Consequential damage and shortened lifespan

Batteries with corroded contacts have a shortened service life. The internal resistance of the battery increases, while performance and life service decrease. The alternative is permanent maintenance – but who is willing to pay for this?

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