Why standard is no standard to us

You can get some of what we offer elsewhere. But there are also a whole range of articles that are exclusively available from us. The further development compared to the industry standard is often inconspicuous, e.g. with the caravan clamp, which is so named because it is popular in the camping sector. With this pole clamp you can connect a battery without tools thanks to the practical folding mechanism. Where else is there such a thing?

Highlighter image for lugsulation

Lugsulation – the fully insulated connecting technology against contact issues of all kinds!

Sometimes especially the really good solutions turn out to be stunningly easy. Lugsulation by Hagemann Systems gives an example. Its name is composed of “lug” – as in cable lug – and “insulation”. Instead of just covering contacts with a cap – as it has been usual up to now – Lugsulation ensures their full insulation.

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Patentedrip plate system

Stunningly innovative –our patented rip plates are more than just space fillers. They suppress, cool, are adaptive and even able of much more. You will be surprised.

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Hagemann Systems offer preassembled mating parts of high quality – giving you the freedom to focus on your production’s essentials. Just order everything from a single source.

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Rubber andplastic components

Applications are just as various as materials and manufacturing processes. We have a deep knowledge of the materials as well as of the production methods – with all their characteristics.

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