We make history

Originally, Hagemann had operated with bakelites. Thus, after the Second World War, a wide range of molded rubber parts were developed. The company mainly manufactured products for industrial safety, rubber mats, seal profiles, but also a number of components for the growing automotive industry which today are mostly imported from Asia.

At that time already, ribbed plates for battery production were being produced. Hagemann have remained loyal to battery technology, but keep as well developing system supplier, offering connecting technology, water refill, cooling and heating from a single source.

This is how Gummi-Hagemann – Gummi means “rubber” – became Hagemann Systems. We are having so many ideas in stock with which we plan to continue making history – together with you, our clients.

Borgward with limitation rods for trucks and a Maicoletta with twist-grips by Hagemann from 1955. (photocredit: Wikipedia)