Invert technology

Shiny on the outside, rotten on the inside.

During customer visits or at trade fairs, we repeatedly encounter the following scenes: Clean production facilities, professional exhibition booths, perfectly insulated housings of electronic components. You are asking where the problem is?
A look under the housing reveals that live contacts are bare!

Bare contacts not only cause economic damage to the company, but also pose a serious danger to people: lack of worksafety due to short circuits and lack of contact protection and increasing follow-up costs due to corroded connections and moisture are some of the reasons.

In this case of an Inverter (Pic. 1), no reliable contact at all could be established with commercially available flex connectors and cover caps would not have provided any protection against corrosion, especially since they often slip during operation.

We provide the perfect fit for the shown contact bolts with internal thread: our Lugsulation seal (Pic. 2).
The lugsulation neatly encloses the contact by a sealing lip at the lower edge, thus effectively preventing the penetration of moisture and simultaneously making corrosion impossible.

Picture 3 shows the Lugsulation© in action.

Advantages of Lugsulation for inverters

The lion for the advantages of Hagemann Systems

IP protection classes

increased industrial safety

low maintenance

clean contacts

permanently insulated