Transport Systems

You want no more worries about maintenance work and poorly protected electrical contacts?

We have the solution.

In today’s practical application, we’ll show the implementation of the lugsulation in the field of driverless transport systems (pic. 1).

These systems can only develop their potential if they are fail-proof. Any interruption of operations cause immense costs and, in the worst case, they can cause injuries during maintenance work. The challenge in this specific case was to properly insulate the battery connection in the chassis.

You may wonder why?

Due to the negative polarity of the chassis, the risk of a short circuit arises e. g. when using an uninsulated cable lug (plus line) during cable insertion. The risk of injury from electric shock or other consequential damage is significantly high here.

The solution?

Is easy with the Lugsulation Seal in “cap” version (pic 2). We were able to offer our customer the optimal solution, as it directly insulates the cable lug as soon as the cable is fed through. The Lugsulation not only ensures faster and safer assembly, but also comprehensive protection against contact in accordance with IP65. This make the electrical contacts less dangerous and maintenance-free (pic 3).

What’s the catch?

Hard to believe, but there is no one. Lower follow-up costs and being corrosion-free combined with greater safety is your result.

Advantages of Lugsulation for transport systems

The lion for the advantages of Hagemann Systems

Corrosion protection


clean battery contacts

lower maintenance costs

better safety