Transport systems

During the visit of one of our clients, we were very impressed by their modern storehouse. It was all clean and tidy, the corridors were well illuminated, driverless floor conveyors buzzing across the ground. We watched them fully automatically heading for their charging station – and then had to face a sobering fact: The contacts were massively corroded, the battery connections were deficient – a dangerous situation in many respects: Automated systems are only able to unlock their potential if fail-proof. Any interruption of operation due to unscheduled maintenance causes immense costs. It is incomprehensible accepting such a flaw in the field of battery connections.

The solution of this unbearable situation: Lugsulation Flex is the optimal connection for batteries, ensuring operational safety and low maintenance costs.

Advantages of Lugsulation for transport systems

The lion for the advantages of Hagemann Systems

Corrosion protection


clean battery contacts

lower maintenance costs

better safety