Lugsulation – the fully insulated connection technology

Sometimes especially the really good solutions turn out to be stunningly easy. Lugsulation by Hagemann Systems gives an example. Its name is composed of “lug” – as in cable lug – and “insulation”. Instead of just covering contacts with a cap – as it has been usual up to now – Lugsulation ensures their full insulation. Corrosion and fault currents become a thing of the past. Short circuits, which can inadvertently arise from a bare contact during assembly, are also excluded.

The 3 components of Lugsulation©

Your added value

Concrete scope of application

Insufficient insulation of live contacts is a common and cross-industry issue. It causes risk of performance fail up to complete system collapse.

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Leakage current, short circuits, contact corrosion – there can be many troubles caused by insufficient insulated contacts. We have got the solutions!

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Solutions for yourcontact issues

Lugsulation, as a single component, offers a great variety of trouble shooting options for different lugsulation applications.

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