Motor Engineering

The Lugsulation© family opens new and better solutions for various applications:

Lets give you a fine example: This application involved an electricmotor with three vertically arranged connections in the form of stud bolts (Fig. 1). For our customer, we were asked to develop a cover cap that protects the contacts from splash water and avoids contact and short circuits during maintenance work.

Of course, such a cap would not have been able to prevent corrosion of the contacts. In addition, the contacts would have been bare during maintenance work, because the cap would have had to be removed.

However, we were able to satisfy our customer with the optimum and, at the same time, most economical solution: The Lugsulation© with cap nut (Fig. 2) offers professional insulation, comprehensive protection against accidental contact and makes corrosion impossible. This makes the contacts not only safe but also maintenance-free (Fig. 3).

Advantages of Lugsulation for motors

The lion for the advantages of Hagemann Systems

IP protection classes

increased industrial safety

low maintenance

clean contacts

permanently insulated