Lugsulation – the system solution for electric connections

Insufficient insulation of live contacts is a common and cross-industry issue. Moisture, saltwater, acid and lye cause connection corrosion. Transition resistance rises. Subsequent risks are performance fail up to complete system collapse. Safety is in danger, maintenance costs result. By lugsulation, for the very first time in history, a corrosion-free connection technology is available. It is applicable as simply as a common cable lug and completely maintenance-free.

Transport systems

Autonomous systems are only autonomous if they do not require permanent maintenance. No one needs corroded connections.

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Invert technology

Perfectly insulated housing, but bare contacts: Unfortunately, this is still the standard. It does not have to be – now there is the lugulation.

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Motor engineering

With fully insulated contacts, constructing elaborate motor housings for contact protection becomes redundant.

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