Engineering + Great Connections: Insulating DC DC Inverter systems

Inverter application: Using a practical example, we show you how amazingly simple a solution can sometimes be.


Our Lugsulation® Flex in the cap variant offers increased safety and reliability for DC/DC inverter systems that operate at high voltages. In this example in particular, the challenge was to insulate the closely spaced connection contacts of this inverter without causing a collision.

DC DC inverter
DC/DC Inverter


Our DC/DC Inverter solution:

Here we used instead of an M8/M10 insulating screw, an M5/M6 cylinder screw  with the lugsulation® cap version, which provides comprehensive IP64 insulation while eliminating potential short-circuit or injury risks. With further precautions, even higher protection classes up to IP68 can be achieved.

The design of the undetachable sealing sleeve ensures smooth operation, as it cannot slip during vibrations or service and assembly activities. Optionally, the cable can be additionally sealed with a heat-shrinkable adhesive sleeve.

DC DC inverter insulating electrical contact
Insulated DC/DC Inverter


Your added value by insulating electrical contacts:

✔ Sustainability due to increased service life
✔ Increased safety for all involved due to IP64 insulation
✔ More cost-effective in the long term due to reduced assembly and service activities
✔ Fewer complaints
✔ Clean and professional appearance

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