Lugsulation© is getting colourful: As of now, the colour variants blue, grey, brown and orange are available in addition to black and red. All colours can also be supplied in fire-retardant V0 material on request.

The different coloured full protection caps provide visual separation of electrical connections. Colour coding not only increases electrical safety for everyone involved, but also makes it easier to maintain and repair electrical contacts. A clear colour coding for DC, AC and high-current applications can minimise the risk of injury, among other things.

Your added value is therefore:

✔ more safety for e.g. customer, user, service or maintenance staff
✔ greater ease of use due to visual separation of electrical contacts
✔ higher reputation due to a “clean & tidy” appearance

Options for colour coding:

Lugsulation gleichstom
DC identification


AC identification


High-voltage identification



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