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The safety of cable connections is of utmost importance in many industries. From basic signal transmission to industrial machinery, cable assemblies are frequently put to the test under extreme conditions. That is why electrical connections must be permanently safe and stable. System failures can result in severe consequences. This makes it particularly important to be able to fully rely on your supplier. Experience, know-how and quality are especially important for special requirements.

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The development of cable connections can vary depending on the area of application, e.g. automotive, mechanical engineering, transport, shipping and can involve different requirements. Depending on the industry, the cables have to be able to withstand extreme temperatures and vibrations and also comply with increased standards for example according to EN45545 (railway standard). To meet these requirements, we place great importance on safety and sustainability in our cable assembly. Which is why we are ISO 9001 certified and our cables are made from high quality materials and comply with RoHS and REACH regulations.

Technical criteria that must be considered in the development process:

Cable length and colour adjustment

Weight and dimensioning of the cables

Degree of insulation according to IP protection classes and materials (e.g. V0 according to UL-94)

Resistance to reverse bending and vibration resistance

Temperature and environmental sensitivity: salt water, aggressive media such as UV resistance, acids and alkalis

Installing connection elements to the given assembly space, e.g. engine compartment

Optimisation of current transmission in terms of resistance, heat generation and fatigue strength

We assemble the cables for our customers mostly by machine in our production in Germany and in the company network. In the case of individual cable designs, prototype production or small series, the composition may be too complex to carry out this process automatically. In such cases, these cables, cable harnesses or cable sets are assembled semi-automatically by our experienced employees, i.e. soldered, connected, crimped or mounted.

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